Four Capabilities for an Effective Client Management Strategy

A successful client management program helps an organization better understand its clients and more effectively service them. Establishing a solid client management discipline entails a multi-year effort of focused leadership, rigorous project management, and well-designed technology. Several key roles and departments need to be involved and they all need to be extremely well connected in order to realize the promise of this process. 

The four key capabilities are a well-articulated and broadly accepted client strategy, diligent service tracking, accurate and timely financial metrics, and robust sales systems.

Capabilities - Client Mgmt

Most if not all sales managers would state that their organizations have all of those capabilities functioning within their organization, but having these functions in place doesn’t necessarily lead to a strong client management practice. We’ve found that the most successful firms have all these areas very well integrated, with all of them functioning toward one clear goal. Whoever leads this initiative has to have a handle on all these areas, if not some level of control across them.

In most instances the head of sales is the person responsible for leading the client management effort, but I’ve seen situations where a senior strategy manager or the head of client management is the main driver and executor of this process. It often depends on how broad-based the strategy is and where the organization thinks its areas of development should be focused.

In my next post, I’ll discuss elements needed to establish a well-articulated client strategy that has broad buy-in and clear expected outcomes.


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